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Young Greens Join International Campaign to Save Bees

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Todd Huffman, Creative Commons

The Young Greens of England and Wales have joined the international movement to protect bees from dangerous pesticides. Launched at the Global Greens Conference earlier this year, the campaign is calling for a ban on neonicotinoids pesticides, for local councils to create bee-friendly areas and for members to take personal action by planting bee friendly plants.

The Young Greens have now stepped up their efforts, opening applications for Young Greens groups to apply for £500 of shared grant funding, for the ‘Save the Bees’ campaign.

Young Greens group will be able to access funds and receive one to one guidance and support on running the campaign in their area. Up to five groups of Young Greens will be successful in the grant project.

Bee populations are under significant threat due to habitat loss and climate change, but also as a result of damage to nervous systems due to the impacts of pesticides.

Campaigns Officer for the Young Greens Ben Parker said: “Young Greens groups often ask us for support in a number of ways when running campaigns, and the biggest ask is funding. This is a new innovative way of us collaborating as an exec committee and in local areas and we can’t wait to see lots of great applications.”

The initiative comes as part of a long line of Green Party activism on the issue, including from Green MEP Keith Taylor campaigning within in the European Parliament. Healthy bee populations are crucial for biodiversity and food production.

Find out more about the Young Greens Save the Bees campaign.

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