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Government Inaction on Air Pollution Could Lead to 50,000 Premature Deaths, Claim Green MEPs

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Research released by Green Party Members of the European Parliament suggests that the UK’s air pollution crisis is set to cut more than 50,000 people’s lives short. The research has been published in a report commissioned by Keith Taylor, MEP for the South East – “Polluted Cities”. 

The report studied levels and projected impacts of air pollution across four English cities known for excessive and dangerous levels – Brighton, Bristol, Oxford and London – and focused particularly on the pollutant nitrogen dioxide. Air pollution caused by nitrogen dioxide primarily results from road traffic and is shown to have numerous detrimental effects on human health, including leading to diseases such as bronchitis.

In the foreword of the report, Taylor slams the Conservative Government’s alleged failure to tackle of the issue, claiming “The Government is failing on air pollution” and that “Tory ministers consistently turn a blind eye to the crisis.” The report is elsewhere heavily critical of the inadequacies of actions taken by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and calls from the introduction of a new Clean Air Act.

Read the full report.






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