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These Are the Five Best Tweets from Day One of Green Party Conference

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Over the next three days, the Green Party of England and Wales are holding their biennial conference in Harrogate. In between the impassioned speeches, intense policy debates and embarrassing social events, many thumbs get tapped into smart phones, to spread the word on Twitter. We’re collating the very best tweets of conference. Here’s our pick from day one:

  1. This picture of Green Party Deputy Leader Amelia Womack one-upping the Prime Minister on Frida Carlo related fashion:

2.This snap celebrating gender-inclusive spaces and facilities:

3. These stickers from LGBTIQA+ Greens:

4. This tweet showing Green MP and Co-Leader Caroline Lucas eschewing special seating privileges and kneeling at the back of a packed fringe meeting:

5. The litany of morbidly dramatic graphs Greens are so used to discussing:

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