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These Are the Five Best Tweets from Day One of Green Party Conference

Over the next three days, the Green Party of England and Wales are holding their biennial conference in Harrogate. In between the impassioned speeches, intense policy debates and embarrassing social events, many thumbs get tapped into smart phones, to spread the word on Twitter. We’re collating the very best tweets of conference. Here’s our pick from day one: Continue reading

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Ban Sexist Adverts, Demands Green Party Deputy Leader


Jo Dusepo

Green Party Deputy Leader Amelia Womack has called for a ban on sexist adverts, claiming they ‘harm all genders’. The calls were made in a piece for the Huffington Post, in response to a plan to tackle sexism in advertising released by the Advertising Standards Authority earlier this week.

Womack’s calls follow a widespread public backlash against sexist gender representation in adverts, including Protein World’s infamous ‘Are you beach body ready?’ billboards, which polling suggests over half of UK women deemed to be offensive.

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